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Maren Wienigk
NETs. Weaving Webs in Art

Asking what constitues knowledge, truth and understanding is always a question of context and point of view.For Eine Kritik (a Critique), from her series Überschreibungen (Transcriptions), Julia Schmid has selected slightly distortet canvases, which we perceive differently according to where they are situated within the space and where the viewer stands. The artist took Immanuel Kant´s Critique of Practical Reason (originally published in German in 1788)- a book whose content has increasingly become collective knowledge- and over a period of four months she transcribed the text in pen and ink onto canvases. The lines oft he transcriptions runvertically and have been written pver up to seven times; the rhythm between lines and spaces mirrors the chapters oft he book. The letters´ascenders and descenders break out oft he finely woven graphic mesh- a delicateconglomeration that no longer communicates knowledge and, in ist overall effect, reminds us of calligraphic masterpieces oft he past. Eine Kritik (A Critique) strikes us as paradigmatic for a society whose growthis constantly accelerating, while at the same time it is continually increasing, displacing or replacing collections of data, thereby implying that there is a gain in knowledge, whereas actually the sheer quantity of datahas merely made the processes of finding meaning,learning and comprehension more difficult.